Our Wheelhouse

Over the years we've done just about every type of design. Enough to know what we like to do and what we're best at. StartWith focuses on branding and re-branding startups, organizations, and institutions. Below is a bit more detail on the services we offer. 


brand identity

Brand Identity is a fancy term for all the stuff that contributes to how your customers see you. This includes your logo, tagline, color palette, copy voice and tone, photo or illustration style, and more. Individually they should reflect who you are and why you exist. Together they should paint a consistent picture IRL and on the Interwebs. If you're looking for a "soup-to-nuts" package, this is it. 

Artboard 1.png


Who doesn't love a good logo? They can be the first point of contact someone has with your organization and the purest expression of what you're all about. A well-designed logo should work in color and black and white, and across the eighty-jillion print and digital platforms out there today. At StartWith, we're experts in logo design. It might be our favorite design-y thing to do. 

Stationery Mockup_RDC.jpg

stationery & Logo application

Even in a world of clicks and likes, there's sometimes a need for stuff you can hold in your hands like business cards, envelopes, letterhead, stickers, t-shirts, foam fingers, etc. Whether as an extension of a StartWith logo design package or as a standalone project, we can create something you and your customers will (heart emoji).


social media branding

Today your consumers are as likely to say hey on social media as they are in person or on the phone. No matter where your tribe likes to hang out, images, colors, fonts, filters, tone, and templates should all be working together to say the right things about you. We'll make sure they do. 


ask us (just about) anything

Is there something you're looking for that isn't covered above such as a book cover, brochure, website, poster, signage, environmental graphics, or tattoo? Let us know and we can most likely knock it out of the park for you.